flappy bird hackFlappy Bird could be one of the most talked about games of the last year and for good reason.  Its a cool and very addictive game.  But with that comes a huge amount of frustration.  Not only is this game really hard it is also full of bugs that can cause you to loose a life when you shouldn’t have.   So this is one of those rare occasions where an unlimited lives hack will actually improve the game experience!

So how to get unlimited lives in Flappy bird?

First you need the network tool that can be downloaded below.  This tool requires a Windows PC to run but the Flappy Bird game can be on any platform.  This hack works for all browser based, Facebook, Android or iOS versions of the game in exactly the same way.  So first step is to download the network tool and run it.  Click “begin capture” and go and start the game on your device or browser window.  Within a few seconds you should have an application ID handle number and MAC address number for the game.  If at this stage it says “not found” then quit the app and restart it.  Problems at this stage are usually caused by Windows firewall settings so try disabling your firewall temporally to see if this solves the problem.  Once you have found the ID handle and MAC address you can then click “patch”.  For browser based versions of the game that is all you need do and you will have unlimited lives.   Mobile users of the game have one more step.  On a mobile device you will now get a prompt telling you there is an update available.  Go ahead and download the upload and install it.  And thats it – you have just installed the Flappy Bird Unlimited Lives hack on your mobile device with no jailbreak

A really nice hack method and props to the group behind it.  Hopefully this is the start of many cross platform hacks.



backyard-monsters-unleashed-hackAnother great app for anyone looking to get unlimited shiny in Backyard Monsters Unleashed.  Like many of the other cheats recently this is a macro version of a well known cheat that can be set up using Cheat Engine.  But unlike CE this is just a matter of a few mouse clicks to add loads of free shiny.

Download War Commander Gold and weapon Upgrade Hack tool

A highly anticipated sequel to Backyard Monsters.  Unleashed is build and combat sim like many others.  In this case the twist is that you control an army of monsters in battles against AI computer controlled armies or those of your online friends.  Its important to have a strategy on what monsters to deploy in given situations while making sure you have enough resources to maintain a healthy amount of troops.  This is where the in game currency comes into play.  In Unleashed the currency is Shiny.  The more Shiny you have the faster you can speed up the development of monsters or upgrading structures.  Shiny can also be used at the store to buy Shields and other useful items.  However you should note that any Shiny added using the hack tool cannot be used for online purchases just for upgrades etc.  However any Shiny you earn in the game that is not added by the hack tool can still be used for purchases as usual.

Backyard Monsters Unleashed cheats?

No known cheats at this time.  Only methods are with CE6 or the hack tool.  Free premium membership to the first person to leave a working cheat in the comments.


war commander hack and upgrade cheatThere are a few tutorial around that show you ways of getting free gold or upgrading your weapons in War Commander.  All of these though require you to learn and use Cheat Engine.  This is fine if you are of a programers nature and can follow such guides but not so good if you are like the majority of players and just want to quickly add some gold or upgrade something.

That’s where the War Commander hack tool comes into play.   No need to mess around with messy hex numbers in Cheat Engine as the War Commander hacker can patch all the cheats you want at the click of a mouse.   This is made possible by using a stripped down version of the cheat engine and inserting the cheats as macros.

Download it here and start adding gold easily

Download War Commander Gold and weapon Upgrade Hack tool


War commander Cheats and codes?

War Commander is a fascinating game that is heavily played on Facebook.  There is a lot more depth to the game than first meets the eye.  You need to learnt the importance of the main weapons such as Thorium the behemoth Tank, the Shock tank and suicide truck and of course the havoc helicopter!  Your troops fall into three main categories with air vehicles, land vehicles and foot soldiers .  Items are color coded so you can easily identify your own blue colored items and your friends playing with green items.  Enemy items are shown in red.  Troop categories are further distributed into Riflemen, heavy gunners, flame throwers, jackrabbits, hercules’, snipers and rocket launchers.  All this means that armies can be varied in their strengths and weaknesses meaning you need to analyze your enemy before making any attacks.  When It comes to attacks the best way to attack a base is always in waves.  Attack for a while then pull your troops back and attack again.  You will have a much higher chance of success using this method!

There are no known cheats or codes for War Commander known at this time.  If you know one then please post it in the comments and receive free premium membership!

But if you take your time to learn cheat engine then your possibilities for cheating can become endless.  Of course the gold hack still lets you quickly build, defense platforms, mine factories, wall, power plants, oil pumps, academies, defense labs, air centers, airfields, barracks, war factories, metal factories and of course metal and oil storage facilities.

As a final word there have been reports of bans from cheating in War Commander.  It appears to be a report user type system so as with cheating in all online multiplayer games you should tread lightly.  Going from level 1 to 5 in a day will sure to get you noticed and maybe even banned.



angry-birds-go-hackAngry Birds Go is a great new game from Rovio extending the Angry Birds series into the racing genre. As for making an Angry Birds Go Hack that is simple enough to do as there are no real checks performed in the game. You can directly modify the game files while they are in a cache and best of all all changes will be permanent (unless you clear the cache obviously). To get started with a lot of free coins and gems for Angry Birds Go download the hack here…

Download Angry Birds Go Hack tool

Add the amount of free coins or free gold you would like to add to the game and hit patch. You then need to play the tutorial through again to receive the items you have added. Your free coins and gems can then be used in the normal way within the game.   Using the tool you can also unlock Jenga without the secret code.

Angry Birds Go codes and Cheats

The game is quite new and there are no known codes or cheats for any of the platforms.  If you know different and have a working cheat code for Angry Birds Go then please post in the comment.  Free premium member status for the first working code!




Candy Crush Saga cheats and hacks

January 23, 2014

Stuck on a certain Candy Crush Saga level?  Then here are some of the better Candy Crush Saga cheats for that traditional helping hand.  The more impatient of you can go ahead and download the Candy Crush Saga hack tool and add a few items yourself.  Of course if you go down the hack method […]

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Despicable Me Minion Rush Hack (*new)

December 3, 2013

Quick update to the Despicable me Minion Rush hack (AIO) fixing all the previous issues.  Now you should have no problem getting unlimited bananas and tokens completely free.  Simple to use just run the hack tool along side your browser select your cheats and hit start.  The tool should find the game running and patch […]

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Clash of Clans Hack

December 3, 2013

If you have not heard of Clash of Clans and combat strategy games are your thing then head to their Facebook page and check it out as its one addictive game.  You start by building your village and fortifying it before amassing you armies of Barbarians, Dragons and War Wizards.  Your aim is to build […]

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The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound is obviously a follow up to the massively popular Facebook game Smurf Sim.  This time around you  have to save your Smurf friends while restoring the Smurf Village to former glory.  For many this follow up lacks the depth to be truly long lasting so grab some cheats and have […]

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Farmville 2 Money Cheat

October 2, 2013

If you know your way around using Cheat Engine 6.1 then there are masses of cheats and hacks for Farmville 2 that you can do quite easily.  We will list many of the better Farmville 2 Cheats here but if you are not familiar with CE6.1 or think this is too technical a process for […]

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FashLand Hack and Money Cheat

September 15, 2013

Heres a quick and simple Fashland Hack that does not require your login details for it to work.  To enable the money cheat the tool simply patches the game code that is downloaded to your temporary internet files folder when you first play the game.  You can do this at any time and do not […]

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