bubble witch 2 saga hackIf you are like many out there getting stuck on Bubble Witch 2 Saga and being reduced to begging your friends for lives then worry no more. Here is our guide on how to get unlimited bubbles on any level of the game.

First you need to fire up cheat engine and identify the correct process for the game. Once you have done that you may be tempted to try and scan for the counter value. This will lead you to dummy values though that will not get you unlimited bubbles.

For the first scan you will need to change the Scan Type to “Unknown initial value”. Then for secondary scans you change it to “Decreased value by..” and have 1 in the value box.

Shoot a bubble, do the next scan, and repeat until you only have one address found. Well done this is the bubble counter! Change it to whatever value you need.

If getting this working using cheat engine is too much then try our handy pre-compiled patcher by clicking the link below.

bubble witch 2 saga hack unlimited bubbles

King continue their run of highly successful games with the follow up to Bubble Witch Saga.  The game company who brought you Candy Crush Saga have a proved track record for making highly addictive games with punishing difficulty curves.  Bubble Witch Saga 2 is no different and the game quickly goes from an enjoyable point and shoot experience to a much more strategic experience as the number of bubbles becomes more and more limited.  We limited the number of bubbles the pre-compiled hack tool could add at a time purposefully so that the longevity of this great game is not ruined.  We feel its much better to have cheat that helps you along in the game as opposed to one that out right removes any point in playing!  Either follow the cheat engine instructions at the start of this post or try our own ready made hack tool.


the simpsons tapped out hackIts been a while since we posted a member submitted hack or cheat and here’s a great one to break that trend.  The Simpsons Tapped Out Donut Hack is a quick and easy way to get an almost endless supply of donuts that you can use throughout the game to get past those difficult and annoying parts that everyone seems to keep getting stuck on. Its a simple application based on the CheatEngine method.  Run the game on your device and download and run the patcher program.  The patch will scan for the correct counter values and set them to the maximum allowable numbers.  While this doesnt give a strictly speaking unlimited number of donuts it does give an amount that even the most greedy of Homer’s could use up!

The Simpsons Tapped Out hack instructions

Click the download now button to be taken to the download page for your device.  Download the small application patcher then run the game.  Exit to main screen and run patcher.  Then continue your game with nearly unlimited donuts.  Easy one.  Credits to AlphaMouse for the pacth and Fraz for the platform conversions.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Donut Hack


League-of-legends-logoLeague of Legends is regarded as one of the great RPG games of recent years.  Like many others though it can be difficult to get ahead in when you first start out and you might waste many hours before getting a good understanding of the game.  The very fact that this game is so difficult is what leads many people to search Google for League of Legends Cheats or even a League of Legends hack.  This would be waste of your time though because unlike many other free to play games this one is locked down tight.  There are many routines and algorithms at work to detect and perma ban anyone the systems decides is cheating.  So dont waste your time with those Google searches as anything you find will at best be fake.

So for this game we recommend you take a look at a recent League of Legends guide.  There are a lot of quite well written and professional guides out there.  Many of which are ending up on eBay for many hundreds of dollars!  Just take a look at this eBay search and see what some people are selling them for!

This is not an option for most people obviously so what can you do?  Well there are loads of guides to be found on YouTube and you should start there.  Try to follow the guides that are not selling you stuff as they are usually the most helpful.

If you want a free professional guide to get you started (or even to resell on eBay if you are that way inclined!) then scroll down to the end the article…

5 reasons Why You’re stuck in Silver League

Many guides to be found on YouTube deal with how to stop trolls in the game and heres a great example.  Trolls in League of Legends can not only be annoying but they can even ruin a game totally!


Get a free professional guide for League of Legends!

Summoner School is an in depth online  course that has been created by three diamond and challenger tier brothers.  UberGiant, UberGiantsBro and LittleUberGiant have played against nearly every top player in the world.  With their personal help you will be on the road to achieving the same division as them!

Their combined experience and knowledge has enabled them to rise to the top levels of players despite being in Australia with a ping of up to 300!

And now they are willing to share this knowledge with the people on their mailing list.  You can join  the hundreds of players already benefiting from their help by ordering here

summoner-school-transparent-cover       Click Here for a free eBook guide!!!

Once a working hack or cheat is discovered for the game we will of course post it here free for you!


flappy bird hackFlappy Bird could be one of the most talked about games of the last year and for good reason.  Its a cool and very addictive game.  But with that comes a huge amount of frustration.  Not only is this game really hard it is also full of bugs that can cause you to loose a life when you shouldn’t have.   So this is one of those rare occasions where an unlimited lives hack will actually improve the game experience!

So how to get unlimited lives in Flappy bird?

First you need the network tool that can be downloaded below.  This tool requires a Windows PC to run but the Flappy Bird game can be on any platform.  This hack works for all browser based, Facebook, Android or iOS versions of the game in exactly the same way.  So first step is to download the network tool and run it.  Click “begin capture” and go and start the game on your device or browser window.  Within a few seconds you should have an application ID handle number and MAC address number for the game.  If at this stage it says “not found” then quit the app and restart it.  Problems at this stage are usually caused by Windows firewall settings so try disabling your firewall temporally to see if this solves the problem.  Once you have found the ID handle and MAC address you can then click “patch”.  For browser based versions of the game that is all you need do and you will have unlimited lives.   Mobile users of the game have one more step.  On a mobile device you will now get a prompt telling you there is an update available.  Go ahead and download the upload and install it.  And thats it – you have just installed the Flappy Bird Unlimited Lives hack on your mobile device with no jailbreak

A really nice hack method and props to the group behind it.  Hopefully this is the start of many cross platform hacks.



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Angry Birds Go is a great new game from Rovio extending the Angry Birds series into the racing genre. As for making an Angry Birds Go Hack that is simple enough to do as there are no real checks performed in the game. You can directly modify the game files while they are in a […]

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Despicable Me Minion Rush Hack (*new)

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Quick update to the Despicable me Minion Rush hack (AIO) fixing all the previous issues.  Now you should have no problem getting unlimited bananas and tokens completely free.  Simple to use just run the hack tool along side your browser select your cheats and hit start.  The tool should find the game running and patch […]

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If you have not heard of Clash of Clans and combat strategy games are your thing then head to their Facebook page and check it out as its one addictive game.  You start by building your village and fortifying it before amassing you armies of Barbarians, Dragons and War Wizards.  Your aim is to build […]

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