Dragon City Hack| Unlimited Gems Food and Gold

dragon city hackDragon City Hack and Cheats

New cheat released today for Dragon City provides a quick and easy interface to add unlimited gold, food and gems to the game.  This new Dragon City Hack is usually a premium release but you can download it below for free and with a few simple clicks you will be able to train and level up your dragons extremely quickly.  Its been around a while now for premium members so its long tested and proven safe and probably the only Dragon City Cheat Tool still working today.

Target of 500 likes reached!…Thank You!  Please click the download button to start your public download.

Premium members should be logged in before downloading.

Usage instructions:

Start the game running and minimise your browser window.  Then to hack free gold, gems and food start the Dragon City Hack tool and select desired amounts of each in the boxes.  If the cheat tool hasnt correctly identified your browser window then select that also from the drop down box.  If for whatever reason your browser is still not identified then try another browser.  This is working with Firefox 100%.  Once you have that set up you just hit the Go button now heres where it gets a bit glitchy.  With the tool still running you now need to repeatedly refresh your browser by pressing F5.  Notice each time you refresh it it will increase the gold,gems and food you selected!  Once you have enough you then should click Stop on the cheat tool before continuing with the game.  Remember you need to use any gold,gems or food you added before closing the browser window.  You can add unlimited gold, gems and food to Dragon City as many times as you want but they will be lost if not used before logging out.



  1. ammmmmmmmmmmmm ok it works but does kill the whole point of it really. cant you make a trainer that doesnt just give you everything for free?

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