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Dungeon Rampage Cheats

Dungeon Rampage is game that you need to play for some considerable time to gain enough Coins and Gems needed to unlock all the skills and level up.  With this Dungeon Rampage Cheat that is no longer a requirement as the tool gives a simple method to add free Coins and Gems to the game.  Unlike many other games this one seems to have very little in the way of checking and we have successfully added over 10000 coins and gems in one go with no problems.  The downside of this hack is that the items you add are not permanent so you need to use them up before logging out but this is not such a big problem if you play the game regularly.  Usage is straight forward download the Dungeon Rampage Hack tool but before you run it make sure you are logged into your Facebook account and have the game running.  Then simply go to the boxes on the hack tool and input the amounts you wish to add then click apply.  You now need to use up everything you added as quickly as possible and then log out and log back in.  Once that is done you will see that any items you purchases will now remain there for you to use.

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