Forge of Empires Hack – Get Free Diamonds, Coins and Supplies with this cheat!

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UPDATE:  Added new updated Forge of Empires hack for those who dont want to download the tool…

You can now add items using the new online generator >>>


Forge of Empires Hack

Forge of Empires Cheat
Forge of Empires is an excellent strategy game and will require a large commitment of your time to advance through the game.  Or at least it would if you didnt have this great release!  The Forge of Empires Hack has been around since a few days after the game first launched.  A simple cheat that works well and has been known about for some time.  How this is not patched yet is anybody’s guess, but for us cheaters its good news.  Something this release has that is missing from many of the other cheats out there is the speed hack which can increase the game speed to enable building and researching quickly.  Also theres the expected unlimited free coins, diamonds and supplies generator.  The great thing about the free items generated by this tool is that they are totally permanent so you are safe to log out of the game without using them.  The speed hack is best only used with the Firefox browser as it is not working with chrome.  The Forge of Emipres Cheat Tool will enable you to build and produce unlimited soldiers to have at your disposal in minutes so you can completely dominate the game!

Usage instructions.

Download the Forge of Empires Hack tool below and run it while playing the game.  The cheat tool window will stay on top of the browser window so you can add free items as you wish.  Speed hack is turned on and off by the same window.  No special instructions, it just works.

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Forge of Empires Hack

Premium members should be logged in before downloading.

This is version 4 of the trainer.  With this version there are many more configuration options when you first run the application.  This is in response to people saying the previous releases made the game WAY to easy.  Now you can alter how much to add to give yourself that little extra helping hand in the game or you can go for the original nuclear option and decimate your opponents.  As with all other downloads lighter use is recommended to avoid being banned.  That said this tool have been kept updated and running now for over a year and no one has reported in the comments about ANY bans.  If you know different then please leave a comment down below and help out other users.  When reporting bans please leave as much information as possible so the coders can look for a fix.  Obviously leave out any personally identifying information!

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