Galaxy Life Cheats | Coins Minerals and Galaxy Chips Hacks Tool

Galaxy Life Cheats

The Galaxy Life Cheats Tool is another great cheat submitted by our community of members and is a very powerful and effective cheat engine for the game.  Contained within this small patch is the Galaxy Life Galaxy Chips Generator Cheat and the Galaxy Life Minerals and Coins Hack.  By combining these two popular game hacks the coder has come up with a formidable cheat engine that totally owns the game.  As always full proxy support is included to increase the safety of your Facebook account but many people who are using these cheats will now be using an alternative account as well.

To use the cheat at always log into the game first using your default browser then run the cheat tool.  If you fail to do this first the cheat will of course not function and you will need to close the tool and restart the process.  Once the GUI has loaded simply enter the required amount of Galaxy Chips, Minerals or Coins that you wish to add and hit the Apply button.  Please note though that these changes will not be permanent so you will need to use up all the items that you have added before logging out of the game.  For this reason we recommend only adding small amounts each time, using them up then logging out and back in again before running the tool once more.  This process can of course be repeated as many times as you wish without and real risk to your account.


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