Ninja Warz Cheats | Karma Gold Tokens Generator Hacks Tool

ninja wars cheatsNinja Warz Cheats

Use the Ninja Warz Hack tool to easily unlock all the items found in the game and you will never lose a battle!.   With this cheat you can add all the important items found in the game including Karma, Gold and Tokens.  Included in the cheat engine are the Ninja Warz Karma Cheats, the Ninja Warz Tokens and Gold Hack and the Ninja Wars Energy and Health Generator.  All of which are still totally undetectable with a built in update to get around any future game updates that might be released.    There are no built in limits to the game which we have found so you are free to add upto 99999 karma points and virtually unlimited gold enabling you to dominate the Ninja Warz game when you play with your friends.  Used reponsibly there is no reason why you cant go on using this hack tool over and over again with no fear of losing the items you added or with any risk to your account.  Just to be clear everything added by the Ninja Wars Hack tool will stay permanently on your account until you use them – even if you log out!  To use, download the Ninja Wars Cheat Engine and enter in the values you wish to add only after you have logged into the game itself.  If you run the tool before logging into the game you will get a browser window error and you will need to close all windows before trying once more in the correct order.   With the game running and you desired amount of Tokens, Gold or Energy selected hit the Generate button, wait for it to finish then log out of your account and log back in without closing the browser window.  You will now see your new items in your stats.


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