Pockie Ninja 2 Social Cheats | Gold and Ryo Generator Hacks

Pockie Ninja Social has been released on Facebook recently and has gained in popularity quickly.  So  due to popular demand here is the first working Pockie Ninja 2 Social cheat tool.   This being an early beta version of the cheat tool it is limited to adding the two main items used in the game.  Using flaws found using the beta version of the game you can now add both Gold and Ryo.  The Pockie Ninja 2 Social Gold Hack is totally unlimited and some people have been adding crazy amounts to their accounts.  The same can be said but slightly less so for the Ryo Hack as there are still obviously the games own built in limits for this which can not easily be bypassed.  This is something that might be addressed in an update to this beta if one is eventually released.

The next step for cheating on this game would be the coding of a Pockie Ninja 2 Social bot that could automatically complete tasks for you.  This is something that has been achieved in the past for many similar games so once all the HTTP requests have been fully documented for the game we should see this being released.  No time frame on this at the moment but expect it soon.

In the mean time take advantage of this still open loophole and boost you account with as much Gold and Ryo as you possibly can.  These items are permanent  and will still remain available long after this hack is patched.  Instructions for use are quite simple with the hack tool just needing you to enter you login details for the game (remember if you’re worried to always cheat only on a secondary profile!).  With you login details entered correctly you just need to input the amounts of free gold or free ryo you wish to add and click go.  The tool runs for a few seconds the will exit.  Now log into you Facebook account as you would normally and head straight to the game to see your new items!

Finally if you would like to apply to beta test the upcoming Pockie Ninja Socia 2 bot then  please leave a reply below.  You need to have at least a basic understanding of HTTP requests to be accepted though.  This means at the very least knowning how to set Wireshark or Fiddler 2 up to monitor browser traffic.



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